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Australian Lobster, 澳洲龙虾 US Boston Lobster, 美国波斯顿龙虾 Canadian Geoduck, 加拿大象拔蚌 New Zealand Oyster, 纽西兰大石蚝

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龙虾·贝壳类 Lobster & Shellfish Dishes

Australian Lobster

澳洲龙虾 Australian Lobster

厨师建议煮法 Chef’s Recommendations

A.鲜果沙律Fresh Fruit Salad

B.堂灼·刺身 Blanch with Steamboat, Sashimi

C.上汤焗 Baked with Superior Stock

US Boston Lobster

美国波斯顿龙虾 US Boston Lobster

厨师建议煮法 Chef’s Recommendations

A.姜葱米酒焗Baked with Rice Wine

B.花雕蛋白蒸Steamed with Chinese Wine & Egg White

C.焗饭 Baked with Rice

Canadian Geoduck

加拿大象拔蚌 Canadian Geoduck

厨师建议煮法 Chef’s Recommendations

A.堂灼·刺身 Blanch with Steamboat, Sashimi

B.油泡 Stir Fried with Seasonal Vegetable

C. X.O.酱炒 Sautéed with X.O. Sauce

New Zealand Oyster

纽西兰大石蚝 New Zealand Oyster

厨师建议煮法 Chef’s Recommendations

A.生食Sashimi (4粒起/Min 4 nos)

B.桑拿焗 Baked in “Sauna” (4粒起/Min 4 nos)


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