Chinese Restaurant Malaysia - Kingdom Palace Restaurant
Pan Fried Japanese Kobe Beef, 堂煎日本神户牛肉 Stir Fried Beef Cube with Black Pepper & Mustard Oil, 黑椒芥末牛仔粒 Poached Iberico Pork Fillet with Enoki Mushroom, 白灼金菇黑豚肉 Stir Fried Iberico Pork Cube with Black Garlic, 黑蒜照烧黑豚肉粒 Stir Fried Australian Beef Fillet with Lemongrass, 香茅小炒肥牛片 Iberico Pork Fillet with White Rice Cake in Stone Pot, 石锅啫啫黑豚肉 Pan Fried Iberico Pork Fillet, 私房制黑豚肉 Baked Spare Rib in Western Style, 番邦烧烤一字骨 Stewed Spare Rib with Black Vinegar, 高升焖厚骨

*All price are subject to 10% service charge & 6% SST.

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